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Onsite Maintenance & Repair of Agriculture Systems

Inspection, assesment and repair if possible at the site of operations to reduce downtime and costs.

Industrial Machinery Repair Services

Inspection, assesment and repair if possible at the site of operations to reduce downtime and costs.

General Electronic Repairs

Inspection, assesment and repair if possible at the site of operations to reduce downtime and costs.

Computer Maintenance

Assesment of faults, virus removal, backups, repairs and general operational assistance as required.

Design and Manufacture

Design and building of systems to solve your problems, replacement of old and ageing no longer supported systems.

Automotive Electrical Services

Battery Check

Before coming in to get your battery health check, here are some simple things you can do to improve the health of your car battery.

* Clean terminals with a wire brush

* Replace terminals if necessary

* Keep topped up with distilled water

AirConditioning Check

Our free AC check includes a visual inspection of the AC system and a temperature measurement at the vents. This inspection may seem simple. However, it’s the best place to start since the air conditioning system should not be opened unless there is a problem.

Alternator Check

Checking the alternator ensures your battery will be charged at peak efficiency thus promoting a longer lasting battery. With todays 'smart' alternators it is no longer just a quick voltage test to ensure your alternators health as their charging rate/load varies with your engine requirements.

Lighting Systems Check

Ensure your headlights/driving lights/lightbars are aligned and working correctly to provide you with best visibility in the dark without blinding oncomming vehicles. Checking of indicators, park lights, brake lights, reversing lights ensures your intentions are clearly visible on the road and you wont have an unexpected stop from the local constabulary.

Computer Systems Check

Monitoring of your computer system logs helps ensure trouble free operation and could possibly warn of impending faults.

Installation & Repair Services

Expert installation and repairs ensure trouble free operation of your vehicles many systems and accessories.

Driving/Spot Lights & Lightbar Repairs and Installation

Installation of external lighting to comply with correct legal requirements, ensuring it wont overload your vehicles electrical capacity.

Dual Battery Systems Repairs and Installation

Correct installation including second battery fitment, determination of the most suitable dual charging system for your requirements and the vehicles electrical system. Incorporation of solar panel(s) into the charging system.

Immobiliser and Alarm Repairs and Installation

Correct installation of immobiliser/alarm systems to current conventions and standards to reduce the possibility of external tampering.

AutoLocking/Power Window Systems Repairs and Installation

Repair of faulty locking/power window system and/or the installation of a replacement system.

Stereo/Sound System Repairs and Installation

Installation of replacement or substitute audio systems, inclisive or amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers.

Trailer Wiring/Electronic Brake System Repairs and Installation

Installation/repair of existing trailer wiring and braking systems.

Caravan/Trailer Wiring Repairs and Installation

Repair/Installation or trailer wiring. Solar panel installation to caravans/camper trailers.

Marine Systems

Installation, Maintenance and Support of various electrical systems for the safe efficient operation of your vessel.